Questions and Answers About 3D 4D Ultrasound

We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about elective prenatal Ultrasound.  For your convenience, some of the most frequently asked questions and answers are listed below:

What is the difference between elective 2D, 3D & 4D Ultrasound?

Elective Ultrasound procedures are non-invasive. The purpose is to foster a pre-natal bond between you, your baby’s father, your family members and your unborn baby.  While 2D Ultrasound was once the only option the view your baby within the womb, technology has advanced to include additional options. 2D Ultrasound provides traditional black and white images. 3D Ultrasound offers a more detailed, color image of your baby.  Specific features, such as nose, fingers, feet, etc., are often captured. 4D Ultrasound, the most advanced, provides moving images (similar to a video) of your baby inside the womb.

Are there any risks to either me or my baby?

Absolutely not – multiple studies have been conducted and none have indicated any harm or risk to either the mother or unborn baby.  Ultrasound uses no radiation.  Instead, sound waves are used to generate images of the inside of your womb using a small probe placed on the surface of your body. The procedure is completely harmless and painless.

My doctor wants me to have an Ultrasound at his/her office.  Do I need one if I am going to have an elective 3D 4D Ultrasound?

YES!  Our Ultrasounds are not for diagnostic purposes.  Your doctor will perform Ultrasounds and others tests as he/she deems necessary.  In fact, we require all our clients to already be under the care of a healthcare provider and recommend that you undergo a medical Ultrasound with your provider prior to seeking an elective Ultrasound. Although we will be able to confirm the heartbeat, position, placental location of your baby and sometimes even the sex of your baby (or babies if it is a multiple pregnancy), our Ultrasound is not designed to replace a complete diagnostic Ultrasound.

How far along do you suggest I be before having an elective 3D 4D Ultrasound?

The optimal time is between the 29th and 34th week of your pregnancy. Some mothers choose to have multiple Ultrasounds at different stages of pregnancy.  We generally can capture impressive images anytime after 23 weeks. Note: If you are heavy or full-figured, we recommend scheduling your ultrasound between 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy for optimum clarity.

How long will it take and do I need an appointment?

You will need to book an appointment so we can be sure to allow ample time to conduct your Ultrasound.  We respectfully request that you arrive 10 minutes early to complete the paperwork.  We suggest you allow about one hour for your appointment. The Ultrasound itself can last up to 30 minutes, and it will take an additional 15-30 minutes to process, print and transfer the images to CD and/or DVD.

Can family and/or friends accompany me to my ultrasound appointment?

Call or email for further information.

What should I do to prep for my ultrasound appointment?

We highly recommend drinking plenty of water at least five days before your appointment.  The more hydrated you are, the better the chance for clearer images. Eating a small meal of snack an hour before your appointment will help as well.

Can I expect 3D ultrasound photos similar to the ones featured in the photo gallery?

Most of the time we are able to capture beautiful, amazing photos.  However, each baby photographs differently and end results can vary. If your baby is looking downward, it can be difficult to see his or her face.  If this happens, we will perform the scan again. We will make every effort to obtain the most magnificent photos possible of your baby!

Can you tell me the sex of my baby?

In most cases we can determine gender as early as 14 weeks.  However, a number of factors, such as fetal position, can hinder the ability to determine your baby’s gender.  We know this is very important to some parents, so if we cannot determine the gender while you are here, we will extend the opportunity for you to come back for another session free of charge.

Can you bill my insurance for the Ultrasound?

Unfortunately, insurance companies only consider reimbursement for diagnostic Ultrasounds.  Insurance will not cover our procedures because they are elective.  However, we offer a number of packages to accommodate your budget.  We also accept all major credit cards and Flexible Spending Accounts.

What makes Vision of Life different from the rest?

First, we make it all about you and your baby.  Our trained technicians are excited to be part of that very special moment when you see your baby’s distinct features for the very first time!  Second, we use the most recent, state-of-the-art art GE Voluson 730 Expert equipment. The highly rated GE Voluson 730 Expert is considered the “gold standard” of 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound machines.

My doctor’s office offers 3D/4D ultrasound – is this different?

Although the technology is the same, the experience is completely different. You may have noticed that most doctors’ offices schedule ultrasounds approximately 15 minutes apart, which makes you feel rushed when you want to take time to experience the excitement of seeing your baby. Our ultrasound sessions are never scheduled less than 30 minutes apart. We do this so that we can take time to provide the best experience possible for you and your guests. We will do everything we can to obtain the best images possible including having mom walk around, or repositioning mom if we need the baby to change positions. Most doctors’ offices simply do not have the time to try to obtain the best images possible for an “elective” procedure. In addition, doctor’s offices have a very “clinical” setting that isn’t very relaxing or enjoyable. At Vision of Life Ultrasound, your ultrasound will be done in a very warm, relaxed, family focused setting. Your entire session will be viewed on a large flat screen monitor so that everyone can see. In addition, our service includes not only a DVD of your entire session, but most packages also include a CD with ALL of the pictures we take during your session. Most obstetricians print a limited number of pictures on “thermal” paper – these images will fade out over time. Keep in mind also, we can accommodate up to 12 friends and family members- bring the kids, too!

A 3D/4D ultrasound is not covered by insurance whether you have it done at your doctor’s office or at Vision of Life Ultrasound. Our 3D/4D packages start at $99, which is less than you would typically pay to have an additional “elective” ultrasound at a physician’s office. Remember, however, that this experience does NOT REPLACE a DIAGNOSTIC ultrasound done by your physician.